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Sage Civil welcomes pink excavator from WesTrac

NSW contractor Sage Civil is the proud owner of a new Cat 320 Next Gen excavator, sourced through – and painted bright pink – by Cat dealer WesTrac

The excavator is the latest addition to Sage Civil’s colourful fleet of machinery, fitting in alongside a purple Cat 730C articulated truck.

The driving force behind the brightly painted machinery is to spark conversations about attracting women to the civil industry – a topic very close to the heart of female-founded Sage Civil.

“Although it’s just a colour, it’s not a colour to me,” Sage Civil managing director Asha Russell says of the new pink excavator.

“It reflects what we’re trying to do in this industry and that is to drive women in civil. WesTrac believe in what we’re trying to achieve and that is the common ground.

“When people are driving past the job sites, and you’ve got a whole heap of yellow gear or orange gear and all of a sudden there’s a pink bit of gear… then the conversation starts and, for me, it’s the most important thing in this industry.

“It’s my passion to drive women in the industry, I’m not just doing it to tick a box.”

One of those female participants is Russell’s 20-year-old daughter, Paris, who recently started an internship at Sage Civil.

“There are so many more opportunities that I was never given, to be a project engineer or civil engineer,” Russell says.

“Doing this internship has actually opened her eyes a bit; she’s going to do project management.”

Civil Contractors Federation New South Wales has reported an increase in female participation across the industry from 4.2 per cent in 2017 to 9.9 per cent currently.

“It’s a massive shift. There’s been a lot of movement and it’s not uncommon to see multiple women operating machines on site now rather than just one, so it’s definitely working,” Russell says.

WesTrac general manager construction industries Alister Cant says diversity is a strong focus for the business. Supporting pathways for women to succeed in the construction and mining industry is a priority.

“We want to see women excel across WesTrac’s operations and we’re proud to have such a targeted goal to be working towards,” Cant says.

“WesTrac continues to promote inclusion and diversity through education and training, recruitment targets and providing a safe and respectful working environment.”

WesTrac is one of three founding sponsors of the Civil Contractors Federation NSW’s Women in Civil program, and one of the first business to sign up to the 50 by 50 commitment which targets 50 per cent female participation by 2025 in the civil industry.

“Asha and Sage Civil are exemplars in promoting female participation and set the standard, which is why WesTrac is proud to continue supplying and supporting her women in civil movement,” Cant says.

Asha has collaborated with WesTrac for her fleet needs for four years and has experienced first-hand the notable number of women working across the organisation.

“WesTrac are the leaders of our industry, they’re the ones we rely on to make the wheels turn,” Russell says.

As for women wanting to join the civil industry, her advice is simple.

“Believe in yourself, anything is possible and once you forge your way in the civil industry, I don’t think you’d ever look back,” she says.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man, if you can operate a machine, you’re good to go.”

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