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Sandvik rebuild adds seven years to drill rig’s life

Sandvik has highlighted a recent drill rig rebuild to as-new condition as the way forward for mine operators looking to reduce costs.

The Sandvik DD420 development drill, which had been operated in a Western Australian nickel mine for the past seven years, underwent a major overhaul at Sandvik Mining’s Kalgoorlie Customer Service Centre that included upgrades to latest-technology components.

Kalgoorlie workshop supervisor Nathan Bradshaw says the 11-week rebuild process has resulted in a machine that can be expected to work productively for a further seven years if it is operated and maintained properly.

Making it more than a rebuild, the rig had to be re-specced to meet the different standards of the Queensland silver mine it was heading to.

“The two mine sites had widely varying compliance requirements – both are very rigorous, but both are very different,” Bradshaw says.

The rebuilt machine, he adds, is covered by a Sandvik Australia 12-month/1500-hour warranty. And the silver mine that it was rebuilt for is getting an updated, as-new development drill for around 70 percent of the cost of a new machine.

The DD420 rebuild involved stripping the rig right down to its base chassis and components, replacing specified items, and repairing or replacing other parts and components as necessary to ensure everything was back to OEM-compliant condition (see below for a detailed outline).

“Following the rebuild, all service, parts and safety bulletins, as well as machine upgrades, will have been completed, so the finished product is as up-to-date as any machine can be – given it is a seven-year-old carrier and drill rig,” Bradshaw says.

Sandvik Mining Region Australia Vice President Jim Tolley says the rebuild route makes sense for a mining industry driving more value from suppliers and equipment.

“Just a few years ago, a drill rig of this age would probably have been retired and replaced with a new one,” he says. “Now, with miners looking to better ‘sweat their assets’ and get more out of them as part of an industry-wide drive to reduce costs, options such as rebuilding older machines to as-new OEM-spec condition are becoming increasingly popular.”

DD420 rebuild scope of works

The scope of works for the DD420 rebuild covered both new OEM components as well as repairs to as-new condition, incorporating:

  • New powertrain, including new front and rear axle assemblies, engine, transmission, torque converter and driveshafts
  • New wheels, tyres, cooling, exhaust and air intake systems
  • Tested and repaired carrier components, including jack-leg cylinders, electric motors and air compressor
  • New carrier components, including water pump, steer cylinders and hydraulic pumps
  • Cabin completely stripped, sandblasted and inspected, repaired as required, replacement glass installed, all carried out according to FOPS certification requirements
  • A complete rewire of the carrier and drilling circuit, along with the replacement of all switches, sensors and senders with genuine Sandvik components
  • Trailing cable replacement
  • Slip ring box and A cabinet completely overhauled
  • Lighting circuit upgraded to LEDs and HIDs as required
  • Dismantling of the drilling module for overhaul, with replacement components including inner tubes, feed rails and feed cradles, while all other major components are overhauled
  • Stripping and assessing of the drifters to return them to OEM specifications
  • Complete machine re-hose
  • General panel repairs, structural repairs and painting
  • Fitment of a Sandvik 65L FS1000 AS5062-compliant fire suppression system
  • Supply and fitment of a water wash, two searchlight assemblies, Domnick Hunter air filtration system and live oil sampling system.

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