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Scania to make Tier 4f engines for Hyundai earthmovers

Scania has announced a new partnership with Hyundai Heavy Industries that will see Hyundai’s next-generation excavators and wheel loaders fitted with Scania-made engines.

Scania will supply its 9-, 13- and 16-litre industrial models for the machines, with a particular focus on fuel economy and meeting stringent US emission standards. Engines that meet the highest standard — Tier 4 Final — will be fitted, as well as engines meeting the Tier 2 and Tier 3 benchmarks.

“We are very pleased to announce this partnership with Hyundai Heavy Industries,” Scania Engines key account manager Per Nielsen says. “We have worked very closely with Hyundai during the development phase. We have adapted our engines to suit Hyundai’s equipment, with a major focus on fuel economy, efficiency and total cost of operation.”

The first Hyundai machine to be fitted with a Scania engine will be the HX520, announced at the recent Intermat construction industry trade fair in Paris. The HX520 will be powered by a 13-litre Scania Tier 4f-compliant engine capable of producing 331kW.

Although best known around the world as a manufacturer of heavy trucks and buses, Scania also has a long history in engine manufacture, beginning when company founder Gustav Erickson personally designed the engine for the company’s first motor car.

Today Scania has grown to be one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers, supplying engines not only for construction equipment but also for marine, agricultural and defence applications.

Scania says its industrial engines have been engineered with fuel efficiency and reduced emissions in mind. This is partly achieved through the use of Scania’s EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system which traps, cools and reuses a portion of the exhaust gas.

Exhaust gas that isn’t reused is treated by the engine’s SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system before being expelled. The SCR works by injecting a urea-based additive into the exhaust which causes a chemical reaction that converts the toxic nitrogen oxides in exhaust fumes into harmless water and nitrogen gas.

Fuel efficiency is improved by a Scania-designed common rail fuel injection system. According to Scania, the system makes continuous adjustments to the volume and timing of injections, minimising consumption without restricting torque build-up.

The injection system, along with other automated systems, is controlled electronically by the engine management system, or EMS, which can also provide the operator with engine diagnostics and detailed logs.

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