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SDLG LG6460E excavator named one of China’s best

The LG6460E concept excavator made by Chinese construction equipment manufacturer Shandong Lingong (SDLG) has been honoured in its homeland, receiving a TOP50 Construction Machinery Products of the Year award for 2015.

“We are very privileged to receive another TOP50 award, especially given the increased competition in the listing and its growing reputation,” says Guo Shaohua, the brand communication director of SDLG, which is 70 percent owned by Volvo CE. “Lingong has dedicated itself to designing machines that truly meet the needs of our customers.”

The 46-tonne capacity SDLG LG6460E features a 13-litre low-speed and high-torque engine that SDLG says delivers low fuel consumption while also maintaining strong power up to 245kW.

The engine is connected to the SIEDIA fault detection interface which makes engine inspection easier for operators, calling out faults earlier and improving overall engine reliability.

SDLG says the LG6460E is suited to heavy-duty applications such as mining, with a generous 2.1-cubic-metre-capacity bucket being supported by a reinforced boom and arm. The boom, arm and bucket together give a maximum digging depth of 10,970mm.

The excavator’s hydraulic system is a Kawasaki twin-pump constant power negative flow system that features a number of automatic sensors which keep the excavator digging smoothly by delivering power to where it is needed the most.

The LG6460E features a wider, X-shaped chassis which, when combined with the excavator’s lengthened crawler tracks, gives the machine greater stability when operating on uneven ground.

SDLG says the cab has been ergonomically designed with operator comfort and safety in mind. The cab has full air-conditioning and panel windows on three sides to provide a wide field of view, while a silicone oil damper insulates the operator from the often harsh vibrations of the working machine.

A full-colour LED monitor provides the operator with real-time monitoring, automatic fault alarms and GPS positioning.


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