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Security tips for earthmoving equipment dealerships

Vandalism and theft can be huge problems for earthmoving equipment dealerships, writes ADT Security’s CHRISTIAN DORAU, but there are some easy ways to protect your livelihood.

The size and location of equipment dealerships can make them a target for vandals and thieves. Dealerships are often located in industrial areas that are quiet by night, making it easier for perpetrators to move around undetected, vandalising equipment and stealing expensive tools and spare parts.

By day, large yards make it difficult to keep an eye on all areas of the dealership as patrons and staff move around inspecting equipment.

Vandalism or theft can be frustrating and financially overwhelming for earthmoving and mobile equipment dealers. Damage to high value stock and equipment, loss of orders and customers, costs associated with property damage and business disruption can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

How to review your security needs

It’s imperative that dealerships review their premises and assess their security needs carefully.  Auditing the premises for potential risks can help to identify loop holes and ensure the right security solutions are in place. 

Having complete visibility across all areas of the dealership can be one of the greatest challenges for equipment dealers.

A modern security system can provide an extra layer of visibility across the business, assist in identifying perpetrators of crime, can act as a deterrent to would be offenders and provide recorded video for review in the event of an incident. 

While CCTV surveillance cannot stop crime in its tracks, it is a proven tool for protecting people and property.  CCTV cameras can also be helpful to monitor EHS practices to help keep employees and visitors safe, legitimise liability claims such as slip-and-falls and provide proof of theft for insurance purposes. 

The cameras can even be integrated with software in order to track employee and customer activity to help pinpoint any suspicious behaviour.

A monitored alarm system will also provide peace of mind that a response will be initiated in the event of a security incident. Research conducted by ADT Security shows that 71 per cent of residents don’t investigate or call the police when an alarm goes off in their local area, so it’s important not to rely on surrounding neighbours to keep the premises safe. 

In addition to investing in security technology, visual deterrents and measures can also help to protect dealerships. Security mirrors can help to avoid blind spots, along with limiting the height of fixtures. Signage explaining the security measures in place can act as a deterrent to would-be intruders.

Considerations for installing CCTV cameras

Before installing any surveillance system, it is important to identify the issues that need to be addressed; that is, what and where are the risks to the site and its occupants. This will help determine the type of CCTV system required and the appropriate level of image quality.

For instance, do you need to monitor fine details such as facial features or capture vehicle number plates?  This is where a professional security expert with the appropriate qualifications and licences can help.  Such experts can assess the facility’s environment and provide guidance on things that can easily be overlooked, such as the level of lighting and the positioning of the cameras. 

It’s important to note that the use of CCTV cameras must comply with all relevant Australian laws, including privacy, employment and specific legislation such as the Workplace Surveillance Act 2005 (NSW). Legal advice should be sought to ensure that cameras comply with all relevant requirements.

There are also licensing requirements relating to the sale, installation and monitoring of CCTV cameras. Licensing enforcement agencies are individual in each state/territory, therefore you should check with the local enforcement agency or the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) for appropriate licensing requirements. 

ADT Security offers a range of CCTV and monitored alarm solutions for large commercial and retail premises. For more information, visit or call 131 238.


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