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Semco mini dumpers ideal for compact worksites

The tracked mini dumpers are ideal for narrow spaces, Semco says.

Yamaguchi dumpers are built for tight spaces

Yamaguchi’s range of tracked mini dumpers are ideal for worksites where excavators or compact track loaders are simply too wide, its local distributor says.

Designed and built in Japan, and powered by Kubota diesel engines, the Yamaguchi range of tracked mini dumpers is available in Australia through Semco Equipment Sales.

Semco’s Graham Murphy says the models fill a gap in the company’s product line-up that makes them ideal for the rental market.

“With their narrow width and functionality more akin to a wheelbarrow, they can be safely driven through very tight alleyways and other spaces often encountered by contractors working on high density inner-city redevelopment or basement sites,” he says.

Semco has two pedestrian-operated models available in Australia – the 380kg WB06 TrackBarrow, which carries a payload of 600kg and can fit through a 780mm wide opening, and the 465kg WB 06 HL high lift TrackBarrow that can fit through a 725mm-wide opening with the ability to lift its 600kg payload up to 1,320mm and tip into a skip.

Ride-on models start with the 510kg WB07 TrackDumper that steps up the load capacity to 700kg while being able to travel through an 880mm-wide aperture.

For contractors that need the flexibility of three-way tipping and the ability to haul and dump 1,200kg loads, model WB12 at 885kg will do the job, while travelling through doorways and openings as small as 1,000mm.

The top of the range model WB18 DTB TrackDumper carries a generous 1,800kg payload, which can be discharged in any direction via a tip/swivel action. Despite its size, this model exerts only 18.6 1K PA ground pressure when empty and weighs 1,380 kg.

Murphy says the tracks on the Yamaguchi models exert low pressure impact – reducing the risk of disturbing the ground and damaging underground infrastructure such as cables or water mains.

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