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Semco to distribute Toro equipment

Toro has appointed Semco Equipment Sales to distribute its landscaping equipment

Toro supplies landscaping equipment to sports fields and grounds around Sydney, Canberra and the southern and western regions of New South Wales.

Semco has now been announced as a distributor for Toro and will supply its equipment from its four sales centres across NSW and ACT.

“Semco’s proven track record will ensure unwavering focus on the customer experience – from pre-sales engagement to post purchase support,” Toro Australia equipment and irrigation national sales manager Ben Cavanagh says.

“The collaboration between Semco and Toro Australia marks an exciting phase, both agreeing that this transition will benefit our customers in this region.”

Toro says contact details and phone numbers will remain unchanged and Mark McAllister of Toro commercial equipment will move from Toro Australia to Semco to ensure a familiar point of contact for customers.

Over the coming months, Toro will progressively transfer its business across to Semco, which is building further capacity and infrastructure.

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