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Simex set to launch asphalt repair tech

Simex has announced that its new road repair technology – the Simex Art 1000 – will be released later in the year

Simex Art 1000

Simex is set to launch an asphalt repair technology, the Simex Art 1000, that will use the road material present on site, rather than adding new hot mix asphalt or removing the milled material.

The Art 1000 mills, or digs up, damaged asphalt to a depth of between 5–7cm, depending on the extent of the damage, leaving the milled material on the surface and spraying water to keep dust at bay.

With cement distributed on the milled material, the Art 1000 then mixes the milled asphalt with a regenerating chemical admixture,  with the correct quantity ascertained  by a measuring wheel.

Simex says the completed mixture, a wholly regenerated bituminous conglomerate, can be driven on immediately once compacted.

Simex products are distributed by  four different groups across Australia, with potential buyers urged to lodge  an expression of interest to learn more about the product when it becomes available.

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