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Simex’s range of excavator and skid steer attachments

For precision and control in road repair, trenching and quarrying applications, Simex’s range of attachments is designed for accuracy and reliability

It’s not just your machinery that needs to last the distance, but your attachments as well. Simex hydraulic excavator and skid steer attachments have been designed and engineered for a wide range of applications, including demolition, road construction, trenching, quarrying, recycling and forestry.

Covering products for the smallest path-laying projects to large-scale rock grinding, Simex attachments allow for precision cutting.

Road construction

Simex self-levelling road planers and stabilisers are designed for removing an entire layer of asphalt or cement in preparation for trenching, or for milling deteriorated road sections for later resurfacing.

With Simex planers you can maintain constant milling depth in any condition regardless of the ground contour, as lateral slides on the planer automatically align to the milling surface. Both slides move independently, providing greater stability and more precise planing movements as well as reducing material overflows. Dust is also controlled through a built-in water tank and spray system.

The PL range of planers can be used on skid steer loaders, hydrostatic drive loaders and backhoe loaders. With the option of using multi tooth special drums the operator can remove horizontal road markings, perform road scarifying or take off the top few millimetres of a concrete or asphalt surface. Maintenance costs are kept to a minimum, since the only requirement is the replacement of worn teeth.

PL planers are available in a range of models that run from the PL 25.10 with a 250mm width and 70mm maximum depth, through to the PL 40.35 with a width of 1,200mm and depth of 350mm. Covering a range of standard, high flow, milling and high depth planers, this range is suitable for small to medium-sized roadworks and is particularly useful for precision work around potholes and kerbs.

Various drums and teeth layouts are available for asphalt or concrete, as well as a multi-tooth drum for fine surface milling.

Simex’s self-levelling PLB/PHD planers are designed for excavators to work on horizontal, vertical or sloped surfaces, and are perfect for surfaces with side-by-side passes. The PLB/PHD standard drum range extends from the 200mm PLB200 with a maximum depth of 70mm through to the 450mm PLB450N, which has a maximum depth of 150mm. With special drums, a maximum depth of 450mm can be achieved.

“Planers are a big part of our business, used for patch repairs on roads, that kind of thing,” Qld Rock Breakers area sales specialist Craig Einam says.

“The big selling point of our units is that they’re compact compared to what else is on the market, so they can get into tighter areas and work closer to obstructions. There’s also a built-in water tank and spray system, which means you don’t have to put a water tank on the roof and run hoses.

“Another key point is that we have independent left and right depth control for greater precision.”

Einam says that feedback from the industry on the Simex planer range has been “awesome”.

“They’re balanced, they’re smooth, they’re compact, they work well – we have very few issues with them.

“We get people coming to us and asking us for Simex planers because their friends have got them – we gain a lot of our business through word of mouth. We also sell to a lot of OEMs who put them on brand new machines in a package deal.

“People tell me that these are the best planers they’ve ever used.”

Trenching and compaction

Alongside the planer range, Simex also manufactures a variety of attachments for what Einam says are more niche markets.

For example, the Simex T/TA range of trenching wheels is designed for small fixed-section trenching, cutting and micro-trenching and the Simex trenching wheel saws can cut concrete, asphalt or rock up to a maximum depth of 800mm and a width of 250mm.

The range runs from the T200, with a maximum 200mm cutting depth, through to the T800, which has a 800mm cutting depth and can work in reverse. The T450, T600 and T800 models come with hydraulic depth adjustment, while the T450 and T600 also come with an optional trench clearing device.

The wheel saws feature wheel protection at any working depth, ensuring maximum safety of operators and property. Other options for various models include a water spray for dust control, a conveyor belt for loading of material into a bucket and the ability to aspirate excavated material for a vacuum truck.

For compacting trench bottoms, Simex also offers vibrating compaction wheels for skid steers, front end loaders and five to 12-ton (4.5 to 10.9-tonne) excavators.

These wheels can be quickly changed on site, with widths extending from 150mm to 400mm and a maximum depth of 700mm. The rotation device can be mounted to allow for compaction in any position to reach difficult spots. With the reverse-rotation vibrating twin shaft positioned at the centre of the wheel, this increases operator comfort.

Rock grinders

When conventional digging systems are too weak and percussion tools have little effect, Simex twin header rock grinders are designed for trench work in hard and compacted ground.

With different cutter drum options and tools with different features, Simex twin headers are suitable for milling, concrete and rock wall profiling, dredging, demolition and quarry work. They can be used in deep and narrow trenches, as well as for underwater work.

The rock grinders come in a range of models for excavators between 2.5 and 75 tonnes, running from the 40 horsepower (30kW) TF200 with a 25.1kN cutting force to the 250hp (185kW) TF3100 with a 128kN cutting force.

Even more options

In addition to the above, Simex also offers the ST200 asphalt float for skid steers, backhoe loaders and front end loaders. The ST200 has been designed for applications such as laying asphalt on footpaths and utility trenches, sealing road shoulders or widening existing roadways.

Simex has also developed a range of crusher buckets for excavators and skid steers, for onsite crushing of materials such as bricks and concrete.

Simex products are sold and serviced in Australia by an independent dealer network.

For state-specific information on which Simex attachments are available, visit:

  •  WA: Total Rockbreaking Solutions
  •  VIC/SA/TAS: Walkers Hammers
  •  NSW: Groundtec
  •  QLD, NT, PNG: QLD Rock Breakers

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