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Simple design of Olympus Loaders keeping customers happy

A pair of 11-tonne YX636 wheel loaders are keeping Jason Wilmot’s landscaping materials yard on the move, with the simple and multipurpose design making these his loader of choice for future expansion

Wilmot’s Rough and Tumbled owner Jason Wilmot couldn’t be happier with the pair of YX636C wheel loaders that he bought from Olympus Loaders, saying that he particularly likes that there “isn’t too much computer stuff in them”.

“Sometimes loaders can be too overcomplicated mechanically,” he says.

“With Olympus you can see and feel everything and you don’t have alarms going off. I’m pretty old school in that sense. With these loaders, you check your oil and water and away you go. They’re very easy to use and maintain and just keep going all day.”

Jason Wilmot and Olympus YX636 Wheel Loader. Image: Olympus Loaders

The loaders work out of Rough and Tumbled’s landscaping yard in The Summit, a small town in the Southern Downs region on the Queensland/NSW border, where Wilmot supplies a range of sand and stone products up and down the east coast alongside a house removal business.

“We’ve been doing this for around 10 years now,” he says.

“We mainly supply stone for aggregates, but landscapers also use our products for all landscaping applications – mulch, sand, soil and decorative stone.

“I’m a country boy and grew up being able to drive every bit of gear. With the house removals side we’re running a fleet of trucks and bulldozers. When I met my wife, Natalie, we decided to do our own thing and set up the stone and soil business.”

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YX636 articulated loader

Olympus Loaders’ YX636 model saw an upgrade at the beginning of last year, with the new YX636C version bringing an increase in lifting capacity of 500kg and a change to a 150 horsepower (111.8kW) Cummins engine. The wheels were also widened from 17.5/25 inches to 20.5/25 inches and the wheelbase extended to provide a greater breakout force and improved traction.

Wilmot bought his first YX636 four years ago and says he decided to try out an Olympus machine as he was looking for something that provided value for money.

Since then he has upgraded from another brand’s loader to bring a second YX636 into the yard as he was pleased with how multi-purpose the machines were.

Wilmot has now added a second YX636 from Olympus Loaders into the yard. Image: Olympus Loaders

“It’s used a bit for everything,” he says.

“That’s one thing that I like about it – I can take the quick hitch off and put forks on it and do what I need to, so it’s very multiskilled. I like that they’re not overcomplicated and are very reliable.”

Wilmot also praises the high level of customer service he has received over the years from Olympus Loaders, particularly when other brands were struggling to source replacement parts during COVID-19.

“They’ve been amazing. I’ll call a mobile and get Simon [Collins] direct or Josh his head mechanic and they’ll be straight over,” he says.

“During Covid, with my trucks I was being told that it’d be six months or more to get a new part shipped in from overseas, but I never had that trouble with Olympus.

“Servicing is done around me as well. With us running a landscaping yard we’re very busy in the morning, so they’ll come in the afternoon when we have some downtime.”

With plans for a second yard underway, Wilmot says that he is looking at expanding his Olympus fleet even further with a couple of small three-tonne loaders for loading utes and other small-scale applications.

“We’re very happy with Olympus and I highly recommend their machines,” he adds.

For more information on the Heavy Duty Construction Series of wheel loaders fromOlympus Loaders, visit: or call Simon Collins on 1800 566 080.

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