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Smarter solutions with Volvo Co-Pilot

With a growing focus on how digital technology can achieve sustainability and efficiency gains in earthmoving and construction, Volvo CE’s Co-Pilot is one solution to help customers get the most from their machinery

In recent years, the earthmoving and construction industries have witnessed a significant surge in demands for precision and profitability. This growing need for enhanced performance and environmental consciousness has prompted Volvo Construction Equipment to step forward, recognising the opportunity to fill a crucial gap in technical support systems.

First releasing Co-Pilot in 2016, Volvo Construction Equipment is continuously expanding its functionalities and is committed to ongoing future system development. Volvo Co-Pilot focuses on giving the operator and site manager all the tools and information they need to create and maintain a sustainable, highly productive and profitable operations.

By harnessing the full power of machine data and site analytics, operators can proactively identify inefficiencies before they occur and make significant improvements to safety, uptime and fuel efficiency on their job site.

“The Volvo Co-Pilot is a state-of-the-art technology designed to work seamlessly and simultaneously with Volvo Assist – comprising Dig Assist, Haul Assist and Load Assist – providing real-time operational data for a responsive, harmonious and efficient operating experience,” CJD Equipment national product manager Hayden Grant says.

“The beauty of the Co-Pilot system is that you can load applications similarly to how you would download an app on a mobile phone. For example, it is possible to have both Trimble and Topcon in Dig Assist; you can simply switch between the two once they have been set up.”

Co-Pilot is available on select Volvo machinery, serving as a central hub for all Volvo Assist platforms. It harnesses the power of onboard machine data and high-precision sensors to streamline tasks, reducing completion times.

Improve job site safety

Volvo CE’s Co-Pilot incorporates a range of safety features that reduce the risk of accidents and enhance worksite safety. The ergonomically positioned display reduces operator interaction with fewer on-screen menus, helping to keep focus on the task at hand.

By setting predefined operations limits, Volvo Co-Pilot promptly notifies the operator through auditory and visual cues. This enhances safety and reduces the need for additional personnel on-site by eliminating the need for physical movement around the machinery.

The Volvo Co-Pilot can be optioned with the Operator Coaching app, helping operators understand how their actions influence machine productivity, fuel efficiency and wear. This utilisation displays an overview of the time spent, productivity achieved and fuel consumed during different tasks (for example, the amount of fuel consumed by travel or the percentage of time spent idling).

Sustainable operation

Sustainability is a core focus for Volvo CE and by optimising machine operations and reducing fuel consumption through automation, Co-Pilot can contribute to lower emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.

Additionally, the system’s precision excavation and load capabilities can minimise the need for rework, saving on materials and further reducing waste. Volvo’s Co-Pilot monitoring capabilities enable operators to make data-informed decisions that can further reduce fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Volvo CE uses the data it collects from operators across the globe to deliver improvements in safety, uptime and fuel efficiency for today and tomorrow.

Volvo CE and CJD Equipment

With Volvo positioning itself as a manufacturer of safe, high-quality and technologically advanced machinery, telematics is just one step forward in the transformation towards strategic customer partnerships – with additional productivity services available.

CJD Equipment and Volvo CE have provided a range of premium construction machinery suited to Australia’s unique industry needs for decades. Volvo and CJD deliver a range of productivity, fuel efficiency and safety solutions for a highly productive operation, ensuring machines perform at their best.

CJD Equipment has an extensive support network to ensure you are well supported, no matter where or when. For more info, contact your local CJD branch on 1300 139 804 or visit

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