New BROONS BH-1950 MS Impact for sale

broons bh-1950 ms 29278 001 Broons BH-1950 MS broons bh-1950 ms 29278 002
broons bh-1950 ms 29278 003 Broons Hire BH-1950 MS broons bh-1950 ms 29278 004
Full Specifications

Common Fields

Country Australia

Standard Fields

Model BH-1950 MS
Year 2009


Category Towed
Number of drums 1
Number of drum faces 4
Drum module weight - kg 12,000
Drum width - mm 1,950
Lift height - mm 150
Operating zones R


Operating Weight - kg 18,180
Length - mm 4,790
Width - mm 3,310
Height - mm 1,500
Turning circle diameter - mm 1,200
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