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caterpillar mt5300d 42398 001 Caterpillar MT5300D
Full Specifications

Common Fields

Country Australia

Standard Fields

Model MT5300D
Year 2014


Category Rigid Dump Trucks
Payload Capacity - kg 291,000
Unladen Weight - kg 215,456
Heaped Capacity - m3 222
Loading Height - mm 6,710


Engine Cat® C175-16
Engine Displacement - lt 85
Number of Cylinders 16
Transmission AC Drive
Power - kW 2,610
Max Speed Fully Loaded - kph 60
Braking Retarder Oil Cooled Multiple Disc Brakes, Automatic Retarder Control (ARC)
Service Brakes Oil Cooled Multiple Disc Brakes
Tyres 53/80R63


Weight Distribution Empty Front-Rear % 49/51
Weight distribution Loaded Front-Rear % 33.3/66.7
Length - mm 15,470
Width - mm 9,090
Height - mm 7,590
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