New DETANK FD35 Combustion Counterbalanced for sale

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Full Specifications

Common Fields

Country Australia

Standard Fields

Model FD35
Year 2013


Category 4 Wheel


Fuel Type Diesel


Engine Make Xinchang
Engine Model 495BPG
Power - kW 40
Torque - Nm 162
Fuel Capacity - ltr 70


Load Capacity - kg 3,500
Load Centre - mm 500
Travel Speed with Load - kph 20
Lift Speed with Load - m/s 0

Mast Dimensions

Mast Type Wide View
Tilt Angle - fwd - deg 6
Tilt Angle - bwd - deg 12

Fork Dimensions

Maximum Fork Height - mm 4,265
Free Lift - mm 145
Fork Length - mm 1070
Fork Thickness - mm 45
Fork Width - mm 125

Truck Dimensions

Overall Length - mm 2,700
Overall Width - mm 1,230
Overall Weight - kg 4,850
Wheelbase - Lowered - mm 1,700
Overhead Guard Height - mm 2110
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