New HITACHI EH4000ACII 2 Off Road Trucks for sale

hitachi eh4000acii 17499 001 Hitachi EH4000ACII
hitachi eh4000acii 17499 002 Hitachi EH4000ACII
hitachi eh4000acii 17499 003 Hitachi EH4000ACII
hitachi eh4000acii 17499 004 Hitachi EH4000ACII
hitachi eh4000acii 17499 005 Hitachi EH4000ACII
Full Specifications

Common Fields

Country Australia

Standard Fields

Model EH4000ACII
Series 2
Year 2011


Category Rigid Dump Trucks
Payload Capacity - kg 222,000
Unladen Weight - kg 162,000
Heaped Capacity - m3 153
Loading Height - mm 6,090
Dump Speed Raise-Lower - sec 18-13
Dump Cycle Time Full Cycle - sec 31
Dump Angle - deg 50.5


Engine Cummins QSKTA60-CE
Engine Displacement - lt 60
Number of Cylinders 16
Transmission Automatic, planetary type
Power - kW 1,864
Torque - Nm 9839 Nm @1500 rpm
Speeds fwd-rev NA
Max Speed Fully Loaded - kph 56
Braking Retarder Electric
Service Brakes Hydraulic
Steering Closed-center, full time hydrostatic power steering system
Tyres 46/90R57


Weight Distribution Empty Front-Rear % 48-52
Weight distribution Loaded Front-Rear % 33-67
Length - mm 14,280
Width - mm 9,540
Height - mm 7,360
Turning Circle Diameter - mm 30,200
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