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komatsu 860e-1k 17459 001 Komatsu 860E-1K rigid dump truck komatsu 860e-1k 17459 002
Full Specifications

Common Fields

Country Australia

Standard Fields

Model 860E-1K
Year 2012


Category Rigid Dump Trucks
Payload Capacity - kg 254,363
Unladen Weight - kg 200,351
Heaped Capacity - m3 169
Loading Height - mm 6,370
Dump Speed Raise-Lower - sec 22-13


Engine Komatsu SSDA16V160
Engine Displacement - lt 60
Number of Cylinders 16
Transmission Diesel Electric
Power - kW 1,902
Drive 4x2
Speeds fwd-rev Variable
Max Speed Fully Loaded - kph 64.5
Braking Retarder Continuously rated high-density blown grids w/retard capacity at low speeds and retard in reverse propulsion.
Service Brakes Oil-cooled, hydraulic-actuated, multiple disc brakes at each wheel. Traction system wheel spin control.
Steering Accumulator-assisted twin cylinders provide constant rate steering. Emergency steering automatically supplied by accumulator.
Tyres 50/80 R57


Weight Distribution Empty Front-Rear % 49-51
Weight distribution Loaded Front-Rear % 33.5-66.5
Length - mm 14,930
Width - mm 8,330
Height - mm 7,300
Turning Circle Diameter - mm 15,500
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