New KOMATSU HD1500 -7 Off Road Trucks for sale

komatsu hd1500 17479 001 Komatsu HD1500-7
Full Specifications

Common Fields

Country Australia

Standard Fields

Model HD1500
Series -7
Year 2010


Category Rigid Dump Trucks
Payload Capacity - kg 144,100
Unladen Weight - kg 105,300
Heaped Capacity - m3 78
Loading Height - mm 4,965
Dump Speed Raise-Lower - sec 15-15
Dump Angle - deg 45


Engine Komatsu SDA12V160
Engine Displacement - lt 45
Number of Cylinders 12
Transmission Full automatic planetary shaft type
Power - kW 1,048
Torque - Nm 6835
Drive 6x4
Speeds fwd-rev 7F/1R
Max Speed Fully Loaded - kph 58
Braking Retarder Oil-cooled, multiple-disc front and rear brakes
Service Brakes Fully hydraulic control, oil-cooled multiple discs
Steering Fully hydraulic power steering
Tyres 33.00 R51


Weight Distribution Empty Front-Rear % 48.6-51.4
Weight distribution Loaded Front-Rear % 32.8-67.2
Length - mm 11,370
Width - mm 6,890
Height - mm 5,850
Turning Circle Diameter - mm 24,400
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