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Speed and precision with IMS’ new pugmill and blender

Two new material processing machines have been released by IMS – the PM1200-20TB track pugmill and BP1200-48TB blender – both of which are available Australia-wide from Crusher & Screen Sales & Hire

Yatala-based Crusher & Screen Sales & Hire – CSSH – is the Australian distributor for Northern Ireland’s Irish Manufacturing Services Ltd – IMS – a specialist equipment manufacturer for mining, quarrying, recycling and material processing.

IMS manufactures a range of plant, including pugmills and blenders, with two new machines having been released this year for the quarrying, mining and soil remediation industries – the PM1200-20TB track pugmill and BP1200-48TB electric four-hopper track blender.

PM1200-20TB track pugmill

The new PM1200-20TB track pugmill follows on from the top-selling PM1050-16TB track pugmill, which is operating throughout Australia in quarries, major construction sites and remediation projects.

“The main difference between the two pugmills is that the new PM1200-20TB has two 5m-long feed hoppers holding 10 cubic metres each, with separate feed hopper conveyors,” CSSH manager John Andersen says.

“These are both fitted with belt scales and controlled by an updated PLC control and recording system. This can be operated through an iPad in a loader or site office, using the machine’s own Wi-Fi system, up to 100m away from the plant.”

The pugbox on the PM1200-20TB has been extended due to increased powder percentages of products such as roller compacted concrete. There is the option of two powder hoppers with load cells and rotary valves for blending two powders at once on site. This removes the need and cost of premix bulk blending or having two silos with different powders ready for mixing different powder blends.

Other options include vibrating hydraulic tipping grids and the ability to add two liquids at the same time. The plant is powered by a Cat C7 motor.

Braeside Quarry

CSSH has just commissioned a new PM1200-20TB pugmill with an IMS mobile 45-tonne silo for Braeside Quarry on the New England Highway near Warwick in Queensland. The new pugmill offers the quarry several advantages in product management and quality control.

“With accurate blends through the twin feeder hoppers and the PLC control and recording system, Braeside Quarry has the certainty that the correct percentage of fines is being added to its road base,” Andersen says.

“It also has moisture control and the option of producing cement-treated base all in one process, reducing costs. The system can also produce reports to confirm the batch percentages.

“The other advantage is they can have separate products in the two feed hoppers waiting for trucks to arrive and remote starting the correct hopper for moisture control – loading directly into the truck and trailers.

“All this adds confidence to Braeside Quarry clients that their product is compliant and will not cause downstream problems on roads and construction sites.”

BP1200-48TB blender

The second new product IMS has introduced this year is the BP1200-48TB electric four-hopper track blender.

Each of the four hoppers holds 12 cubic metres of material, with separate feed hopper conveyors fitted with belt scales and the same updated PLC control and recording system as the PM1200-20TB pugmill.

“The BP1200-48TB is powered by a Cat C7 generator that can be connected to the mains power and can drive a 24m radial stacker for extra stockpile capacity,” Andersen says.

“The Nord electric gear drive motors allow for a wide range of accurate speeds to suit low-percentage blends.

“The blender can be incorporated with the IMS pugmills and controlled by a common PLC control and recording system, and there is the option of adding vibrating tipping grids as well.”

IMS also produces an electric modular pugmill, offering up to four feed hoppers, electric and hydraulic wheel and track conveyors and single feed hopper blenders, along with screening plants.

For more information on the IMS range available from CSSH, visit:

The BP1200-48TB electric four-hopper track blender has just been released by IMS
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