Free concrete drop offs at Moreton Bay Recycling

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Moreton Bay Recycling makes no-cost concrete recycling even easier for locals.


Recycling concrete isn’t just good for the environment. It’s more costeffective for businesses that can drop waste at recycling facilities like Moreton Bay Recycling (MBR) for free and avoid paying waste levies.

Plus, recycled concrete aggregates offer a lower-cost alternative to virgin resources like gravel. So, why isn’t more concrete recovered?

In 2017, Australia generated 20.4 megatonnes of construction and demolition waste.

Around one-third of this went to landfill, while the other two-thirds were illegally dumped, reused, stockpiled or recycled.

One of the biggest barriers is that most demolition concrete contains steel. This concrete isn’t considered "clean" and could damage a concrete crusher.

MBR in south-east Queensland found it was turning away a lot of concrete like this.

It meant that its clients had to spend time sorting their clean concrete from steel-reinforced concrete. Or take the whole lot to landfill (and pay the levy).

To increase recovery rates and help make concrete recycling easier for its clients, MBR invested in a pulveriser.

This is an excavator attachment which pre-crushes concrete so that steel components can be extracted before they’re loaded into the crusher. Now, MBR is accepting almost all concrete waste products.

This means customers are saving time, recycling more waste and paying fewer waste levies
because it’s free to drop concrete at MBR.

Both the steel and concrete are being recycled to use in other projects instead of ending up in landfill.

Hopefully, as more companies realise the benefits, we’ll see more concrete waste recycled in the future.


For more info, visit or if you’re in SEQ, drop in for a visit to check out the technology and bring your unwanted concrete.

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