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Stronger, quieter and tougher rock breakers from Furukawa

A new range of more compact, more durable and stronger Furukawa hydraulic hammers has been launched in Australia by distributor Hyundai Construction Equipment.

The design of the Furukawa FXJ range gives the rock breakers more breaking power, lower noise and vibration, less stress and wear for the carrier equipment, long breaker life and lower maintenance costs, Hyundai Light Construction Market Development Specialist John Peagram says.

The strength of the new-generation hammers, he says, comes from a reduced number of parts and their associated maintenance through the elimination of the separate cylinder, front head and through-bolts.

“The monoblock design is lighter than the previous model, and delivers higher impact energy, which means that the power to weight ratio of the Furukawa FXJ series breakers has been increased significantly,” Peagram says.

Other features include:

  • A semi-automatic grease type damper system which includes a large volume top damper to reduce noise and vibration. The system is automatically adjusted to correct tolerances, meaning that the operator no longer needs to make manual adjustments via external screws.
  • A three-point dust control system: a clean air intake system; a replaceable dust wall; and a toothed dust trap design.
  • A new greasing system to evenly distribute grease to the thrust bushing, front bushing and rod pins.
  • Redesigned valves that decrease resistance and heat build-up in the hydraulic fluid under operation.

 “Improved performance has also been considered in the new piston design,” Peagram says, “which increases the contact area between the piston and the impact surface of the rod therefore increasing the power output.”

There are four Furukawa FXJ hydraulic hammers in the range, to suits excavators from 12 to 55 tonnes operating weight.

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