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Sumitomo brings out final excavator in Dash 6 range

Sumitomo has launched the final model in its Dash 6 range of excavators, the SH480LHD-6, through Australian distributor Tutt Bryant Equipment.

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The new model features a range of additions and improvements aimed at increasing productivity and reducing fuel use and downtime.

The track-mounted machine has an operating weight of 46.7 tonnes and a 1.8-cubic-metre bucket, which is attached to a heavy-duty 6.55-metre boom for a dig depth of 7,720mm.

At the heart of the new excavator is the improved Isuzu AL-6UZIX Tier 4 Interim engine, which Sumitomo says provides a 5 percent reduction in fuel use over the previous model. 

The engine also features a cooled exhaust gas reduction (EGR) system which mixes exhaust gas with the air intake and then passes it through a water cooler. This has the effect of substantially lowering the intake temperature and reducing the amount of harmful nitrous oxide produced.

Increased fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact are further aided by the excavator’s SIHS (Sumitomo Intelligent Hydraulic System) hydraulics. This system prioritises the flow of oil to certain cylinders depending on the task being performed. It also reduces the amount of oil flowing in the case of sudden lever movements, which keeps the engine speed constant and means there are no spikes in fuel usage.

The excavator’s cabin has also received a makeover, with ROPS integration and a level 2 FOPS. An optional OPG guard is also available.

A new 7-inch LCD monitor provides engine and performance readouts and has Sumitomo’s G@NAV satellite navigation system installed as standard.

The cab itself is also sealed and pressurised when in use to prevent any dust from outside entering the cabin.

Maintenance has been streamlined with the engine and engine bay specifically designed to allow ground-level access to regular maintenance points and make engine cleaning easier. 


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