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Sunward reveals first electric excavator – the one-ton SWE10FED

Sunward’s tiny SWE10FED marks the manufacturer’s debut into the world of pure electric excavators

Sunward recently announced that the first of its smallest pure electric hydraulic excavator, the one-ton (0.9-tonne) SWE10FED, made its way off the production line in Sunward Industrial City, China.

“SWE10FED is the first electric-hydraulic excavator with the smallest tonnage in China independently developed by Sunward,” Sunward says.

“It can be used in indoor operations, garden greenhouses and other small and confined spaces [as it has] no emission pollution.”

The device is equipped with a customised lithium iron phosphate battery pack, with a battery life of between four and six hours and can be charged with a household power supply.

The machine has a new electronically controlled intelligent speed control mode and supports fast and slow charging modes.

As yet there are no plans to bring the SWE10FED to Australia, but other Sunward machinery can be sourced from distributors Lynfield Mini X (Victoria), Brisbane Mini Excavators (QLD) and CEG Sales (NSW).

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