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Sunward the easy choice for Euchuca Civil Construction

For Echuca Civil Construction owner Luke Polomka, the standout performance of his Sunward machinery, and the support he receives from Lynfield Mini X, means that for future machinery purchases Sunward will always be front of mind

To say that Echuca Civil Construction owner Luke Polomka thinks highly of his Sunward machines may be an understatement. Speaking from a housing subdivision site in Bendigo, Victoria, he says that his nine-tonne SWE 90UF excavator and SWL 3220 skid steer have not only been impressing his team, but other contractors working on site as well.

“Everyone loves them,” he says.

“They’re versatile, built well and the power is incredible. They’ve been running alongside other machines on the site and everybody’s been very impressed with the Sunwards.

His first Sunward machine, a 3.5-tonne SWE 35UF mini excavator, is on a second site in Echuca. Having bought it from Melbourne-based dealer Lynfield Mini X around two years ago, Polomka says he and his team were “rapt” with the new machine, which quickly led to the skid steer and nine-tonner joining the fleet.

“We did trial a couple of other brands on the market, but we couldn’t beat the Sunwards,” Polomka says.

“They’re good on fuel and responsive. If I’m not on site there are other operators that’ll jump on the machines and they’ll all say that they’re fast, the power’s good, the lifting capacity is excellent and the cabs are spacious and comfortable – we can do a solid 12-hour day and you’ll be fine.

“And with the backup support from Lynfield that’s the biggest thing, hence why I bought two more machines from them after the first one. We could have gone anywhere, but Sunward and Lynfield have looked after us with the backup service and support.”

Small-works specialist

Polomka set up his business around five years ago after training as a heavy diesel mechanic, making the move from servicing agricultural equipment into earthmoving.

Though based in Echuca on the border of Victoria and NSW, he says the work can take him all over Australia.

“We cover a fairly large area and will go where needed, but do most of our work in Victoria and NSW,” Polomka says.

“We mainly do subcontracting and specialise in all aspects of subdivisions. We also do roadbuilding and a lot of trim work.”

He explains that he bought the first Sunward, the 3.5-tonne SWE 35UF, to undertake the small-scale digging work on subdivisions and the careful work of digging around existing services underground.

“For its size, the cabin is quite spacious,” Polomka says.

“With the nine-tonner we needed a versatile machine with the tilting hitch and a larger lifting capacity. That’s my machine that I use for a lot of digging gas and water mains and things like that. For what it does and its size, it’s probably one of the best machines I could get.

“The skid steer we got for everyday moving of dirt and other materials around the site. Instead of trekking back and forth with an excavator we use this. Especially in wet weather it makes it a lot easier to get access to a truck.”

Lynfield Mini X

Although Polomka has only been buying machinery from Lynfield Mini X for a couple of years, he is quick to commend the level of customer service he has received and the aftersales support, calling it “second to none”.

“You do have the major brands out there but, for me, it comes down to the service and support – it doesn’t matter what colour the machines are,” he says.

“We’ve had the best reliability, service and support from Lynfield and Sunward, and you can’t ask for anything else as a contractor. They’re there for us every step of the way. If you call them up and say ‘we need this’ they’ll have it for us in a couple of hours.

“We’ve put a few hours on the machines now and everything is going very well. I can’t rate them highly enough!”

There are plans for more machinery down the line as the current subdivision is completed, with a larger excavator requested for the next site.

Polomka says that, although his company is still relatively young, he is keen to expand and sees Lynfield Mini X and the Sunward brand as partners on that journey.

“We’ve got a good relationship with the contractors that we subbie to and if we can expand and grow with them that’s what we’ll do,” he explains.

“With the excellent level of service and support from Lynfield, we’ve got a couple more machines in mind over the next year or two.”

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