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Super shredding from the Arjes Impaktor 250 evo II

The Arjes Impaktor 250 evo II from Tricon Environmental packs a lot of power into a compact frame

German shredder manufacturer Arjes has spent the past 17 years developing a range of industrial processing equipment to handle waste wood and biomass, construction and demolition waste, household and commercial waste and scrap metal.

With the Arjes Titan 950 covering the heavy-duty end of waste processing, the upgraded Impaktor 250 evo II comes into its own for those looking for a more mobile and compact product.

Offered by Australian distributor Tricon Equipment through its newly-formed division Tricon Environmental, the Impaktor is a versatile machine for contractors, disposal companies and demolition professionals that handle small to medium-sized volumes of waste.

Strength to strength

Since its launch to the market in 2016, Arjes’ Impaktor 250 twin-shaft shredder has been making a name for itself in the demolition waste processing and recycling industries, particularly with the launch of the advanced ‘evo’ version in 2018.

The Impaktor 250 is now on its second evolution with the evo II model, which features improved transport properties, more powerful shredding shafts, a new crushing bar system, a height-adjustable overband magnet and simplified maintenance and repair.

The improved quick-change cassette ensures a significantly longer operating time as the pressure during the crushing process is no longer exerted on the fastening bolts, but on the entire machine.

The waveform plates can also be inserted or removed to adjust the final product size, and the plates rotated and reinserted once one side of the cutting blade is worn.

Dust is controlled through the use of a water sprinkler system in the feeding area and the machine can be operated with a new remote control. With the Impaktor mounted on tracks, it can be easily moved around on site and handle uneven ground.

Highly efficient

The Arjes Impaktor 250 evo II’s capabilities as a shredder and crusher can help companies process waste more effectively and efficiently, reducing waste volume and making it easier to handle and transport, handling materials such as concrete, asphalt and stones with ease.

“Our client base has been asking for a solution in a recycling equipment range to value-add to their existing business models to the reuse of otherwise waste into landfill,” Tricon Equipment territory manager for Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia Paul Knauer says.

“Tricon’s equipment range line-up incorporates a key focus into the recycling processing category to further enhance its capabilities into the ever-growing market of recycling.”

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