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Takeuchi introduces new TB320 compact excavator

Takeuchi has expanded its 300 Series excavator product line with the addition of the new TB320 that is now available in Australia

Takeuchi’s new TB320 mini excavator is part of the two-tonne class and features a conventional tail swing design for greater lifting capacity and stability the manufacturer says.

“Demand for excavators in the two-tonne class continues to grow,” Takeuchi director of global sales Clay Eubanks says.

“The TB320 is small enough to work on confined urban jobsites, or those with limited access, while offering levels of comfort, power and performance typical of larger excavators.

“It’s easy to transport, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, from utility work on city streets to digging and grading on residential sites.”

The TB320 weighs 1,930kg in canopy configuration and 2,060kg when equipped with a cab. It’s powered by a diesel engine that is EU Stage V compliant, delivering 12kW and up to 52.7Nm of torque.

The TB320 provides a bucket breakout force of 17kN, arm breakout force of 9.1kN, traction force of 21.1kN and a maximum dig depth of 2,370mm.

Both canopy and cab configurations are equipped with a primary auxiliary circuit plumbed to the mid-arm and offers up to four service ports.

Service port 1 is controlled by a proportional slider switch on the machine’s left joystick and delivers high flow of 40L/minute for compatibility with a wide range of hydraulically-driven attachments.

Triple-flange track rollers improve track life by providing greater support, with multiple points of contact to reduce the risk of de-tracking.

The TB320 includes features intended to enhance the operator’s experience, such as a 3.5-inch (8.9cm) multifunction monitor, adjustable suspension seat, a retractable seat belt and a 12V power outlet.

Cab models offer heat and defrost functions, windshield wiper and washer, skylight and AM/FM Bluetooth radio.

Takeuchi’s Fleet Management telematics system is optional on the TB320.

“The new TB320 is just another example of Takeuchi’s dedication to providing a robust line of compact excavators that can help owners and operators be more comfortable, efficient and productive,” Eubanks says.

“The TB320 demonstrates how today’s smaller excavators now offer more features and versatility than ever before.”

The TB320 is now available in Australia through distributor Semco.

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