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Video review: Takeuchi TB280FR excavator

Reviewer Evarn Covich recently took the Takeuchi TB280FR Full Zero Turn excavator out for a bit of a workout in Queensland.

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In this video you can see some of the digging and dozing Evarn did for his full review, which the 8.6-tonne Takuchi handled with ease:

“I started to dig a trench through the compacted fill, and this seemed rather effortless. Even when I broke through to the virgin ground underneath the machine still seemed to cut through without a lot of effort and strain.

“Actually, it wasn’t until I struck an old tree root fairly deep down in the virgin ground that I was able to make the machine work hard and exert a bit of energy and force in order to loosen and break it out while all the time remaining pretty stable throughout.”

As Evarn says in the review, the TB280FR operates well and is nice and smooth. In fact, he says it’s one of the most well-thought-out machines that he has ever operated. Big call!

Read Evarn’s full review here.

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