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Tigercat debuts first production grinder

Tigercat, distributed in Australia through OneTrak, has branched out into material processing with the Tigercat 6900 Grinder

The Tigercat 6900 is distributed throughout Australia by Onetrak

The new Tigercat 6900 Grinder is the first regular production offering in Tigercat’s material processing category, developed for high throughput material reduction and mulch production.

Fully designed and built by Tigercat, the 6900 is a heavy-duty grinder built with an upswing rotor and large infeed opening with outward wing walls, built to maximise processing capacity.

The grinder’s upper frame pivots on the undercarriage, allowing the operator to adjust the infeed angle or discharge height for different material lengths.

The adjustable angle eliminates the need for outriggers, while the pivoting upper frame allows transport on a 46 cm (18 in) lowboy trailer without the need to fold the discharge conveyor.

The machine has remote control functions for simple operation and mobility on site, along with an easy-to-use 25 cm (10 in) display screen for machine monitoring and function adjustment.

Maintenance is made easy with convenient service access. The split hog box opens over centre to fully access the rotor and screens, while the anvil and screens are hydraulically retractable.

The single discharge conveyor is open on the bottom for clean operation and easy servicing. A tool storage area is mounted on the side of the machine that hydraulically raises and lowers for added convenience.

An optional large diameter magnetic head pulley is available to effectively remove metal from the end product. The machine is also prepared to accept over-band magnet systems.

Register your interest with Tigercat’s Australian distributor Onetrak at to find out more. 

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