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Tobroco-Giant unveils telescopic wheel loaders

Tobroco-Giant has released three new telescopic versions of its G2700 wheel loader

Tobroco-Giant Europe has brought three new versions of its G2700 wheel loader to the market, including its first electric telescopic loader.

The G2700 Tele HD and G2700 Tele HD+ feature a 50 horsepower (37kW) Kubota engine, whilst the G2700E Tele is the first electric telescopic wheel loader from the manufacturer.
With a compact design, the machine delivers a maximum height of the hinge point of 3,711mm, boosting the lifting height by 48 per cent compared to the X-Tra models and 24 pr cent compared to the standard models.

The front section of the frame is based on the G2700 X-Tra model, which provides a high level of visibility on the attachment and generates a relative low centre of gravity. The Stabilo option provides stability for operation on uneven ground.

All standard hydraulic lines are accommodated inside the telescopic boom, which results in enhanced visibility and protection against foreign objects. Tobroco-Giant has optimised the kinematic, allowing for pallet forks to remain completely parallel when the lifting arm is raised or lowered, it says.

The G2700 TELE models are equipped with a unique hydraulic coupling guiding system, which means the length of the hydraulic hose is never compromised by the position of the attachment in relation to the angle of the attachment, enhancing safety and avoiding leakages.

Differing applications

The G2700 HD and HD+ Tele models feature a double acting hydraulic function (mechanical) as standard, with the option of two additional double acting hydraulic functions (proportional), while the electric version has one optional extra double acting hydraulic function (proportional). All G2700 models can be adapted to the customer’s specific demands, from cabin to safety roof and options like working lights, radios and counterweights, etc.

Electric focus

The electric telescopic G2700 is equipped with two electric motors. A 7kW motor drives the wheels and enables it to accelerate rapidly up to 20km/h. A second 12kW motor powers the remote hydraulics, with a capacity of up to 40 litres/min oil flow. The G2700E Tele comes standard with a 260Ah, maintenance free, Li-ion battery, which can be upgraded to a 390Ah or 520Ah battery, depending on customer requirements. The on-board charger charges the standard battery from 20 per cent to 80 per cent in 3.5 hours, while an external 300A fast charger can achieve the same in just 50 minutes.

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