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Topcon and Bentley announce greater connectivity

Topcon Positioning Group and Bentley Systems have announced a new level of direct communication between Topcon’s mobile work force products and Bentley’s ProjectWise project collaboration suite using the new MAGNET 4.0 system.

With the release of MAGNET 4.0 users can access or receive ‘i-model’ designs (files containing data in many different formats) created in Bentley’s OpenRoads design modelling software (part of the ProjectWise suite) while in the field, directly to their Topcon field devices.

While in the field, information collected on Topcon devices can be fed directly back into ProjectWise applications through the same connectivity.

“The direct connection to Bentley’s ProjectWise in MAGNET Enterprise allows project managers to distribute i-models directly to their Topcon field devices,” Topcon vice president of global product management Jason Hallett says.

“With this drag and drop functionality, i-models from ProjectWise easily move from the MAGNET Enterprise Data Manager to your mobile workforce.”

It’s hoped that this increased connectivity between the two systems will streamline the workflow on site and reduce any errors and rework.

“We are excited to offer the industry-first ability to ‘round trip’ i-models,” Bentley vice president of product development Dustin Parkman says.

“Soon operators will be able to send i-models directly to their mobile work force, who can consume the models, update them directly on the job site, and then send the updated i-models from the field back to ProjectWise with selected data (points, point lists, layers library) directly to an i-model.”

“The integration between ProjectWise and MAGNET Enterprise has opened up endless new possibilities for construction-driven engineering workflows using OpenRoads and MAGNET Office,” said Parkman.

MAGNET 4.0 is expected to be available in late June with additional upgrades and functionality for users.


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