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Topcon releases next-gen Millimeter GPS laser transmitter

Topcon has made its highest-accuracy Millimetre GPS positioning system for fine grading and paving projects better-performing and easier to use with the release of the LZ-T5 laser transmitter.

Australia is one of Topcon Positioning Group’s top markets for Millimetre GPS technology, which can improve the vertical accuracy of traditional GPS measurement and machine control systems by up to 400 percent.

The LZ-T5 is the latest upgrade for Topcon’s Lazer Zone system, which combines zone-beam laser technology with the accuracy of a robotic total station and GNSS positioning.

“When Topcon introduced Millimetre GPS technology a decade ago, we expanded the advantages of GPS technology into high-precision applications and created an economical option for our 3D machine control customers to further increase their productivity,” Topcon Construction Business Unit general manager and senior vice president Murray Lodge says.

“With our new LZ-T5 transmitter, we have improved its design to enhance its performance and added features that make it even easier to use.”

Among the enhancements are better performance in fluctuating temperatures and adverse weather conditions, a more user-friendly housing with twin ergonomic handles for easier carrying and mounting, and a 20-percent-better battery-life.

The new transmitter is compatible with existing Millimetre GPS systems.

“Australia is one of Topcon’s top markets for Millimetre GPS technology, with one of the highest installed user bases in the world,” says Joel Seddon, the machine control national product manager for Position Partners, Topcon’s distributor here.

“The technology’s proven advantages in accuracy and precision, ease of use, increased productivity and minimised material wastage have made it highly popular across the surveying and civil construction sectors,” he says.


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