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Tried and tested Hercules H-Series from Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales

For reliability and longevity at a great price point, look no further than the tried and tested H-Series of loaders from Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales

Now coming up to 10 years of operation in Australia, the Hercules H-Series now forms the core of machinery offered by sole Australian distributor Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales (BMES), says sales executive Steven Ragenovich.

“They’re a multi-function piece of equipment that are easily adaptable to any workplace environment,” Ragenovich says.

“They function as an entry-level loader, particularly for general farm use, but we also have clients working in the recycling industry that have bought these as well.”

The H-Series starts with the smallest 100 horsepower (75kW) H700 model that has an operating weight of 7,300kg and a 2,000kg load capacity.

The next size up, the 8,500kg H850, has a 130hp (97kW) engine and a rated load capacity of 2,500kg, followed by the 10,600kg H1050 with a 3,000kg load capacity and 150hp (110kW) engine.

Rounding out the range is the 12,000kg H1250 with a 4,000kg load capacity and 180hp (134kW) engine.

All H-Series models feature an extra large ROPS cabin that BMES says is 15 per cent larger than other loaders in their class.

The sealed cabin has a stereo, reversing camera, air conditioning, a suspension seat and joystick controls.

A simple design means straightforward operation and an easy to maintain machine

Other features include a quick hitch, tow point, pillarless windows for improved visibility, an adjustable steering column on the H700 and H850 models and ease of access to maintenance points.

“The H-Series remains our biggest seller and are very popular across Australia as a high quality, cheaper alternative to other major brands,” Ragenovich says.

“They come with a whole assortment of attachments, including stick rakes, hydraulic blades and post drivers. They’re a multi-function piece of equipment that are easily adaptable to any workplace environment.”

H-Series loaders are used for a variety of industries, from cattle properties and broadacre farming to logging and building material yards.

“We supply to cattle properties, logging businesses and the agricultural sector,” Ragenovich says.

“There are a lot of applications that these loaders get bought for, including recycling yards. They’re a general workhorse and have a lot of applicability for different jobs.

“These loaders are built to a high standard and designed to handle long hours.

“They’re a tried and proven product and we’ve always got them in stock. If people are looking for something bigger, we also have the heavy-duty HD range of loaders that go up to 25 tonnes.”

Having been operating from its Yatala base in Queensland for 30 years, Ragenovich says Brisbane Mini Excavator Sales is always continuing to expand its service for customers, with upgrades to its workshop currently underway and even more parts readily available.

“We’re getting bigger and better by the year and that’s the way it’s going to continue,” he says.

“It’s about longevity, reliability and service.”

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