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Trimble 3D machine control comes to skid steer loaders

A partnership between Trimble Navigation and ATI Corporation has seen the release of the GCS900 3D Grade Control System for ATI’s Level Best PD series grading boxes on skid steer loaders. The combination provides a cost-effective solution that allows small contractors access to the same 3D machine control that has been making life easier for the big boys.

“The collaboration between Trimble and ATI Corporation reinforces our commitment to providing small contractors with construction technology to make them more productive,” Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction marketing director Ryan Kunisch says.

“With Trimble GCS900 now available on Level Best Grading Boxes, contractors have a 3D machine control solution for their skid-steer loader, regardless of the manufacturer.”

The GCS900 is an automated machine control system that can be attached to graders, dozers, excavators and a number of other construction machines. Using a combination of GPS and laser positioning technology, the GCS900 accurately positions the blade or bucket in real-time, giving contractors a precise result first time, reducing material overages and rework and generally increasing productivity.

The system allows a 3D model (which can be created using Trimble’s Business Center HCE software) of the worksite to be fed into the machine to act as an automated guide.

The system forms part of Trimble’s Connect Site portfolio of jobsite solutions, so information can be transmitted wirelessly from the machine back to head office. Head office can also monitor productivity remotely using the same system.

It’s suited to tasks where precision is key, such as in road construction and mining. The system eliminates the need to manually mark out grading and excavation sites, and allows more complex work to be taken on.

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