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Trimble apps allow real-time construction equipment inspection

Trimble has released three new asset inspection software products aimed at helping heavy civil contractors increase equipment uptime and reduce costs: Inspector, Inspector Pro and Asset Manager.


Trimble Inspector

This is a free mobile app that allows equipment managers to inspect assets in real-time using an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

It makes provision for daily, weekly and monthly visual inspections using a library of equipment, machine and vehicle types, makes and models, and inspection checklists.

Reports on current visual health status, hours, odometer reading and general condition can then be emailed to equipment and maintenance managers. The reports, along with photos, can then be retained for legal documentation of health and safety standards compliance, and for audit purposes.

Trimble says Inspector also “assists with scheduling maintenance to reduce equipment downtime and unplanned stoppages …. and is also ideal for trade-in or auction house inspections of used equipment”.

Trimble Inspector Pro

This premium, subscription app has all the functionality of Trimble Inspector, “with the added benefits of customised inspection reports to meet health and safety requirements, and comprehensive maintenance reports for service crews”, the company says.

Equipment managers can record equipment service issues and notify site management staff of equipment status on multiple sites within seconds of the completed inspections.

Trimble Inspector Pro requires a subscription to the Trimble Asset Manager office software (see below).

Trimble Asset Manager

A software as a service (SaaS) application, Trimble Asset Manager is used in the office to integrate, store and report asset condition data collected in the field by Trimble Inspector Pro.

“Asset information is kept in a secure, centralised online database accessible by authorised users in the company,” Trimble says. “Users can create asset records, document inspections and customise reports so managers get the data they need quickly and easily.”


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