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Trimble brings out SitePulse site positioning system

Navigation systems specialist Trimble has announced the release of the SitePulse System, a site positioning system designed for superintendents, foreman and field engineers working on heavy construction sites.

Trimble says the SitePulse System is an affordable, easy-to-use solution that will allow management and foremen to access up-to-date site data at all times, increasing efficiency and productivity while also reducing the reliance on surveyors by performing simple positioning tasks.

The SitePulse System consists of the Trimble SitePulse software suite paired with the Trimble SPS585 GNSS Smart Antenna. A field tablet option is also available for those who need to access vital site information on the go.

The SPS585 GNSS Smart Antenna is a lightweight receiver that Trimble says has been designed to be moved easily from in-vehicle to on-foot applications using a built-in magnetic mount. The antenna has full Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) capabilities and can access satellites to achieve positional accuracy to within 10 centimetres. Any GNSS corrections are streamed directly to the receiver using Trimble’s RTX-based correction service, eliminating the need for a traditional base station.

The Smart Antenna links back to the Trimble SitePulse software, which Trimble says has been designed with a simplified interface and is ideal for construction managers who don’t have a surveying background.

The combination of the software and GNSS positioning gives field managers the same positioning information and 3D models of the site that surveyors and machine operators use. Using this combination, managers can capture information and photographs that are linked with a GNSS position as well as a date and time stamp. This creates an accurate audit trail of the site’s day-to-day activities. The aim is to improve communication and decrease the amount of rework needed due to bad or lost data.

“Trimble now gives supervisors the ability to access the same digital model their field crews use, at a lower price point and with less complexity” says Elwyn McLachlan, business area director for Trimble Site Positioning Systems.

The software can be installed on a PC back in the office or on Android-based tablet computers for those who need the information on site.

The Trimble SitePulse System, which joins Trimble products such as Inspector, Inspector Pro and Asset Manager asset inspection software, is available through SITECH Technology dealers.


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