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Trimble GCS900 now for wheel loaders

Navigation technology specialists Trimble have announced that wheel loaders are now supported by version 12.81 of its GCS900 grade control system.

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 GCS900 version 12.81 introduces a 3D configuration for wheel loaders aimed at giving operators greater grade control accuracy.

The system uses two Trimble GNSS receivers and solid state angle sensors to determine the exact position of the bucket. This data is matched with design data to automatically position the bucket to where it’s needed. This allows sometimes complex grading tasks to be performed quickly and accurately.

The GCS900 system also uses positioning data from the GNSS receivers to reduce the potential for undercutting the surface during material placement or removal which can lead to machine damage or a poor-quality finished surface.

Trimble says this automation means big gains in productivity in both fine and rough grading applications for contractors operating wheel loaders in industries such as road construction and civil engineering.

“We have seen up to a 40 percent increase in productivity for material placement and grading activities and typically a 25 percent reduction in undercutting when the GCS900 system is used,” Trimble marketing director Ryan Kunisch says.

The GCS900 system forms part of Trimble’s Connected Site strategy and integrates with Trimble’s suite of navigation and productivity software to further increase efficiency on the jobsite. Bucket load weights can be monitored by Trimble’s Loadrite system and material placement by the VisionLink system.

All data can be transferred back to the office in real time, allowing contractors and management to identify challenges as they arise. Any decisions or changes can then be relayed back to the jobsite instantly, meaning reduced downtime and rework.


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