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Trimble map-based localisation system rolls out

Japan’s IHI Corporation will roll out the Applanix POS LV system across its fleet of container and haulage trucks

Industrial technology specialist Trimble has developed a map-based localisation system which it says will increase the feasibility of autonomous goods transport around industrial facilities.

A customised version of its Applanix POS LV system, designed for land-based autonomous vehicle applications, will be retrofitted by Japanese manufacturer IHI Corporation on its existing container and haulage trucks.

The system works by combining an inertia navigation system with simultaneous localisation and mapping-based capabilities to provide an accurate base map using several types of sensors, including LiDAR. The result is an accurate real-time map using post-process data and localises vehicles’ positions in real time.

The map-localisation system will augment GNSS/inertia data, giving operators and fleet managers precise information about the positioning and orientation of vehicles, which Trimble says is pivotal for the safety and efficiency of autonomous vehicle operations.

The project also boasts potential for the automation of mining-related vehicles, Trimble says.

The custom-built system leverages Trimble’s engineering capabilities to produce reliable performance across a range of demanding environments.

While for IHI Corporation, the system will provide improved positioning for its autonomous fleet without additional site infrastructure.

“By partnering with Trimble, IHI can develop a retrofit system that addresses two major challenges — affordability and consistent reliability — within the autonomous operation of large-scale industrial equipment,” Trimble says.

“Customers such as IHI rely on Trimble to create autonomous solutions that enable them to meet their strategic goals no matter where they are on their journey to autonomy.”

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