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Trimble paving control updated

Trimble has released a new Roadworks for Mills and Cold Planers platform

Trimble has announced the worldwide availability of its new paving control platform, extending the functionality of Trimble’s next-generation, 3D paving control system. Trimble Roadworks for Mills and Cold Planers runs on an Android operating system and enables operators to precisely control cutting depth of the mill or cold planer, according to project design.

The system minimises over-cutting and creates a smoother surface on airport runways, highways, racetracks and other projects that require optimum smoothness. The 3D design is displayed to the machine operator showing areas that are on, above or below ideal grade, comparing the actual drum position and slope with the digital design. The platform automatically guides the milling drum to cut the ideal depth and slope without string lines or manual adjustments.

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“Complex paving projects such as airport runways and heavily-travelled highways have some of the tightest specifications in the construction industry,” Trimble civil speciality solutions general manager Kevin Garcia says.

“Trimble Roadworks for Milling and Cold Planing takes both the guesswork and the re-work out of milling, making it easy for operators to mill precisely to a 3D design elevation. The benefits of this extend throughout the entire paving process, creating less work for pavers, decreasing asphalt usage and increasing overall surface smoothness.”

The milling and cold planing software features the same user interface as existing Trimble Roadworks applications, with intuitive graphics, natural interactions and gestures, and self-discovery features, shortening training time for operators. The system is compatible with Trimble WorksManager software, which manages data transfer and tracks construction technology equipment across jobsites, and with Trimble Business Center software, which is used to create 3D milling plans and quality and production reports.

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