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Tutt Bryant and Mustang gears up for launch of world’s most powerful skid steer loader

Tutt Bryant Equipment and Mustang will be rolling out what they claim to be the world’s most powerful skid steer loader in Australia come April.

The vertical skid steer loader, named “The Beast”, will carry a rated operating capacity of 1814 kg and a true vertical lift height of 3647mm.

Tutt Bryant says the new loader is a true vertical lift machine which lift path follows a vertical line as opposed to an “S” shaped path offered by other vertical lift models.

Tutt Bryant added that “The Beast” offers maximum capacity and has the industry’s largest breakout force at 4150kg, which if paired with its lift height enters it into the high end of the skid loader market where product options are minimal.

Other features of “The Beast” are as follows:

  • Cummins diesel engine providing 442 Nm of torque and 99 gross Horsepower
  • High hydraulic system pressure with standard high flow of up to 154 L/min (40.8 gpm)
  • Standard level ROPS/FOPS cab-forward design, which according to Tutt Bryant optimises view to the bucket

Tutt Bryant will be adding “The Beast” to their line of equipment distribution.

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