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Tutt Bryant introduces new Sumitomo SH80-6 Excavator

New and improved Sumitomo featuring a wider ROPS cabin, increased performance and better fuel efficiency now available in Australia via NSW based distributor Tutt Bryant Equipment.

The company says the new SH80BS-6A took more than three years to design, test and manufacture; and is a completely different and better machine compared to its predecessor-the SH80-3B.

The SH80BS-6A features a host of new additions such as a Common Rail Diesel Isuzu engine, an air-conditioned ROPS cabin, HD full colour 7 inch LCD monitor and rear view camera.

According to the Tutt Bryant, a nine per cent increase in hydraulic pump flow in the new machine ensures faster speed and hence better performance. Fuel economy has also increased by five per cent.

The ROPS cabin, which has pressurised air-conditioning meets Australian and International ISO standards and is seven per cent wider with improved visibility due to an increased cab glass area.

Sumitomo has designed the SH80-6 excavator with ease of servicing in mind, with its control valve position restructured, its fuse box relocated, external access to the A/C filter added beside the cabin so all servicing parts are accessible from ground level.

The unit comes standard with 450mm steel tracks, a dig depth of 4.67m, a dump height of 4.85m and a transport weight of 8570kg.

For more information on the new product or to locate your nearest branch, call Tutt Bryant Equipment on 1300 658 888 or visit the company’s website

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