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Sumitomo SH160-6 completes Dash 6 excavator rollout

Sumitomo’s new 17-tonne excavator, the SH160-6 completes the Dash 6 range roll out in Australia and will be available through local distributor Tutt Bryant Equipment.

With its niche operating weight sitting between the 14.5 tonne and 20 tonne class, Tutt Bryant Equipment says the SH160-6 is the ideal machine for contractors who prefer a powerful machine compact enough to transport yet still providing the needed auxiliary hydraulic flow for attachments and good bucket break out force.

Another highlight of the machine is a 6 per cent reduction in fuel consumption compared to its predecessor Dash 5 series, Sumitomo claims.

The SH160-6 carries a 2.62m dipper arm and a boom length of 5.5m offering a dig depth of 6060mm, a digging radius of 9040mm and a dump height of 6610mm.

It is equipped with 500mm tracks and with an overall width of 2490mm, the machine is easy to transport. The bucket break out force is 118kN with auto power up.

The model comes standard with the usual Sumitomo Dash 6 features including a ROPS air conditioned cabin, FOPS level 2 head guard, HBCV (hose burst control valves), two top cabin spot lights, LCD colour monitor, a rear view camera, double acting hydraulics with in-cabin pressure settings and optional OPG level 2 Cabin guarding.

It also comes with a remote satellite monitoring system allowing the operator to keep track of the machine’s location, performance and actual fuel consumption.

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