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TWS Hire introduces trailer mounted watercart

Sydney watercart hire specialist TWS Hire has introduced a compact, towable watercart option for use on narrow or confined construction sites where using a full size watercart would be impractical.

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The cart is mounted on a trailer roughly the width of a standard ute, making it suitable for smaller landscape projects where residential driveways are the main access points. The watercart has a 1,000-litre capacity tank and uses the same Honda pump as the truck-mounted tanks.

“We have customers who find it difficult justify the full cost of hiring a full-sized 4,500 litre capacity watercart,” TWS Hire’s Bill Bastian says.

“For these smaller sites, a trailer-mounted system is ideal for their project and the lower cost of equipment rental enables them to optimise their profit.

“Apart from the cost factor, equipment that is larger than needed for a job takes up too much space and in doing so, introduces inefficiency that is counter-productive to the contractor’s task,” Bastian adds.

TW Hire says the Honda pump is powerful enough to have 10 garden hoses connected simultaneously. Two rear-mounted fan sprays on the back of the tank can be activated individually or in unison.

The trailers are NSW registered at two tonnes and are compliant with OHS regulations. The units are fitted with LED lights, reflective taping and a fire extinguisher.

TWS says the trailers can be towed by any vehicle with a standard tow-hitch and override brakes that don’t require any ancillary braking from the tow vehicle.

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