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UKW Spares opens new Brisbane base

Dedicated Brisbane base helps parts supplier fill a growing number of orders.

UKW Spares now has a site in Brisbane

Strong demand born from their quick delivery times has allowed specialist Hitachi and Komatsu parts supplier UKW Spares to open a new Brisbane base.

UKW Brisbane regional sales representative Edy Woodford says the store, which opened four months ago, has allowed the Brisbane team to expand the parts in stock.

“The parts that are on offer have expanded,” he says.

“Because we are now in a larger area, we have got more room to move, we have got more room to place stock and bring stock in – and to hold stock for the customers that we have and the customers that we would like to have.”

UKW, which also has branches in Sydney, Melbourne and Townsville, previously shared its Brisbane base with truck and trailer parts distributor Truckzone.

“Now everything, once you walk through the front door, is UKW Spare Parts,” Woodford says.

“We stock undercarriage, pins, bushes, O rings, engine parts and a large range of filters all for the Komatsu and Hitachi ranges.

“We’ve got all the racking up, so all the parts are where they need to be, in view of everyone.”

Woodford says the store has been getting phone calls from Queensland, New South Wales and even Western Australia since it opened late last year, often finding parts within five to six business days of order.

“Supply has never been an issue… if the parts are available, we can fly them in, and we can bring them in at a cheaper price than other places,” Woodford says.

“We have stock orders that come in and anything that we need in a rush, we have the ability to bring it in on DHL and have it here in a really quick amount of time.

“This is good for the customers, because it gives them an alternative to an OEM product, with a quicker ETA.”

Being able to look after customers on an individual basis helps to cut delivery times, he added.

“If you have customers that need stuff straight away, so you are able to move it quickly and do it for them within that time, and four to five days they get stuff in from overseas is exceptional,” he says.

“It is not like we are bringing in heaps of parts, we are bringing in a small number of parts for the customer, so it is more personalised.”

Established in 1996, UKW stocks over 22,000 earthmoving parts nationwide and, as part of the SMP Group, can also draw on contacts from Shepparton Motor Panel, Universal Truck Wreckers, Gleeman Truck Parts, Coburg Truck Parts and PartsPeek.

UKW Spares’ Brisbane store is located at Unit 3, 1717 Ipswich Road, Rocklea. For more information visit

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