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Victoria quarries gain support

The Victorian government has announced a number of measures to boost quarry production in the state

The Victorian state government has announced that it is delivering several initiatives to support the delivery of raw materials for new housing and infrastructure projects.

A Resources Victoria Approvals Coordination trial is currently underway at Holcim’s Oaklands Junction quarry, with the overall aim to promote site expansions and operating extensions across the state.

The Victorian government says the new Resources Victoria Approvals Coordination role will help to significantly reduce approval times for quarry applications.

During its pilot phase, the approvals coordinator helped unlock more than 40 million tonnes of extra quarry material. The gross value of production of these additional resources is estimated to be more than $900 million.

Holcim Warrnambool was assisted to expand its hard rock production area and the group’s quarry at Werribee was able to increase output to provide vital flood recovery materials through an expansion of operating hours.

Holcim’s Oaklands Junction quarry supplies hard rock to a wide range of infrastructure projects including Level Crossing Removal, the West Gate Tunnel Project and runway upgrades at Melbourne Airport.

In 2021–22, Victoria achieved record state-wide quarry production, reaching more than 70 million tonnes.

A new Minerals Resources (Sustainable Development) Bill has recently passed the lower house of Parliament, which will the Labor government says will improve resources regulation and works approvals.

The Victorian Budget 2023/24 invested $23.2 million to deliver these reforms and streamlined approvals, as well as better quarry rehabilitation.

“We’re ensuring Victoria has the materials it needs to meet the demand for new affordable housing and the major infrastructure projects our government is delivering,” Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio says.

“Our new regulations and approvals that will help deliver more rock, sand and gravel, while ensuring the right safeguards are in place to protect the environment and communities.”

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