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Video: Big three American utes do battle

America’s love affair with the pickup truck continues unabated, yet they remain a niche market here in Australia. For this 4x4 ute comparison, Matt Wood gets hold of a GMC Denali 2500, a Ford F250 Superduty, and a RAM 2500 and puts them through their paces. Which 4x4 ute is rated the best?

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I was driving a GMC Denali 2500 pickup truck, the full-on luxo bus of the GM truck line up. And I wasn’t used to such creature comforts in a giant load-lugging ute.

Along with the GMC, we also had the latest model Ford F250 Superduty and the recently arrived RAM 2500 – the latest incarnations of 4×4 heavy-duty pickups from the American big three.

One thing that all three certainly aren’t lacking is visual impact. On Australian roads these things stand out like the proverbial canine appendages.

Some think they are cool, and others think they are crass. But whatever you may think, they do actually have their practical uses. Interestingly, carrying stuff in the tub isn’t really one of them.

While they all do have a sizable load area, they all have an Australian payload that equates to the same as the average ‘compact’ 4×4 ute on the Aussie market – just under a tonne.

Video: Anna Pastukhova

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