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Video: Ditch Witch FXT-30 vacuum excavator

In this video, Ditch Witch’s Stewart Brown talks about his latest brainchild — the FXT-30 vacuum excavator, which comes ready for truck mounting.

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“The customer can supply a chassis and cab — no need to supply a tray as we’ve done in the past,” Brown says. The unit, he adds, can be mounted on any make of truck within two days; Ditch Witch can help with the selection of the right chassis for the job.

Used for tasks such as exposing buried utility lines, cleaning out storm drains, directional drilling site cleanup, water leak repair and valve box cleanout, the FXT-30 has two main modules, a power vac unit and a tank unit.

It’s equipped with an 18.5kW Kubota diesel engine and offers 576 cfm (16.3 m3/min) of suction power.

The FXT-30 is available in two variants: One with a 500-gallon (1893-litre) spoils tank with 200-gallon (757-litre) water tank; and the other with an 800-gallon (3028-litre) spoils tank with 400-gallon (1512-litre) water tank.

The boom seen in the video is optional, and extends to 4.3m.

Brown also touches on some of the other gear on his company’s stand at AgQuip 2014, such as the two SK755 mini-loaders — one set up with a silt fence attachment and the other with a trenching tool — and a small JT922 directional drill.

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