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Video: The story behind Ericsson’s remote-controlled excavator

Following on from our story on how Ericsson researchers built a Volvo Construction Equipment excavator that can be remote controlled over a cellphone network, in this video, Ericsson master researcher Christian Norlin explains how the experiment highlights the need for a super-fast 5G mobile network.

“It’s a use case that started with a very simple question: ‘Why do you need 5G’,” Norlin says.

The team needed to come up with scenarios that would be of benefit to users of mobile networks but that couldn’t work at full efficiency with the technology we have today. In this remote construction use case issues such as low latency, high throughput, and great reliability and security come into play, Norlin says.

“We talked to Volvo Construction Equipment,” he says. “They are also interested in this  development and gave us two diggers, two excavators, that we now have connected to a 4G network” with a view to stress-testing the existing networks to their limits and better understand the road ahead.


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