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Video: How to cross a river using excavators

The Russians always come up with interesting solutions to problems, like how to get a bunch of people across a raging river when the bridge is down. Simple … just use a couple of excavators!



Some enterprising operators from the coal-mining town of Vorkuta, just inside the Arctic Circle, place two excavators — a 42-tonne Komatsu PC400 and a 45-tonne Cat 345D — on either side of the rising waters of the Nyarma-Yaha River.

In this video you see groups of ‘passengers’ get into the bucket of one of the excavators to be swung out across the river where they transfer into the extended bucket of the other digger and are transferred across to the opposite bank.

Ingenious? Yes. Fun? Judging by the smiles on the passengers’ faces, hell yes! Safe? Ummm … no.

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