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Video: Gigantic LeTourneau L-2350 wheel loader

The world’s biggest wheel loader — the LeTourneau L-2350 —looks pretty impressive in photographs, but it’s not until you see it set against ‘normal’ sized objects , as in this video, that you realise just how mind-bogglingly big it is.



The monster machine weighs in at 266,622 tonnes, is 20.3m long and has a standard bucket capacity of 40.5 cubic metres. Coupled with a high loading height, this means it can load a 320-400-tonne haul truck with a mere five passes in about four minutes.

Equally impressive are the tyres on the LeTourneau L-2350, which measure 4m in diameter and 1.8m wide, and weigh 6.8 tonnes. Not surprisingly, at over $60,000 each, these are classified as the world’s most expensive tyres.


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