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Video review: On board the Kobelco SK45SRX-6 mini excavator

Following on from EVARN COVICH’S review of the Kobelco SK45SRX-6 mini excavator, here Evarn gets in front of the camera to show you what he’s talking about.

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“The first thing I notice on starting up the excavator is the quietness of the motor,” Evarn says. “It’s definitely a lot quieter than a lot of the smaller excavators I’ve driven in the past”

As he explains in his full review, this is due to Kobelco’s Integrated Noise and Dust Reduction (iNDr) cooling system that has been used in the past on some of the larger SR series machines and has been adapted to the newer mini excavators.

This technology uses a highly airtight engine compartment with a ducting system that is offset to help reduce noise, and a filter that sits in front of the radiator.

“This system is said to make the machine up to 9dB quieter than its predecessors, boasting a particularly quiet 75dB 1m back and 1.5m in height from the ground level at the rear of the machine,” Evarn says. “That is, in fact, quieter than your average telephone dial tone or not much louder than your average air conditioning unit.”

Watch the video for more insights into this great little earthmover, which was introduced along with the SK28SR-6, SK30SR-6 and SK35SR-6 in August, replacing Kobelco’s Series-5 models.



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