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Video: Wacker Neuson vibratory trench roller

The remote-controlled Wacker Neuson RT SC2 vibratory trench roller may look and operate like a big boy’s toy, but its object is serious — compacting trenches while saving lives.

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We caught up with Wacker Neuson Victoria area manager Dan Crozier at the recent Elmore Field Days, and in the video above he explains what the German-designed machine is all about.

“They’re designed to go into places where people don’t want to go, or shouldn’t go,” Crozier says.

“They’re designed to go in trenches without shoring. You might think that’s crazy — and it is — because if you go in a trench without shoring it’s liable to collapse on itself.”

The RT SC2 roller, however, is robust enough to stand cave-ins, and can simply be pulled out of a collapsed trench, Crozier adds.

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